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Monday, February 28, 2022

I attended my first block carnival party in Brasilia, Brazil and I enjoyed it

Brazil is a wonderful country and I keep on loving this country more and more, the people have no worries all they want is to have fun and enjoy life, what's more to life

Because of the pandemic, this block party was not really large, but it was awesome 

This is the carnival week in Brazil and the holiday ends on Wednesday and it's gonna be partying and fun

In fact, I truly enjoyed it and at a point, I wanted to drop my camera and join the party, hahaha.it was fun and I love brazil

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Must Read: Why Travel Consultants Must Use A Visa Agreement

I have seen and settled many disagreements between clients and travel agents and trust me; it is not nice at all. While trying to settle the issue, you would be dragged into a conflict that you know nothing about.

There has been this distrust between agents and clients, and both the client and the agent would take the blame for this one.

Yes, we have heartless agents and we also have heartless clients.

I am a travel consultant with a heart and I do my best to be professional. I am not perfect.

This is why I have other things that bring me income. I own a small-scale business in Brazil; I am a writer; I have written 2 books; I get change from amazon; I have a blog, and a YouTube channel, and I also sell pictures, I am also into Dropshipping and lastly an affiliate marketer so my own style of travel agency is not full time, my book would tell you how to apply for a Brazilian visa yourself.

This is why I can confidently reject any job if the client does not meet my requirements.

With all the disagreements that I have seen and settled for people I have come to the conclusion that using a visa agreement is very, very, very, and very important, do not miss it for anything in the world even if the person is your friend or family member, you have to be professional.

I have decided that I won't do anything without an agreement and I suggest you do the same as an agent and this would save you some headaches in the future.

I would give you the agreement, you read it for 2days and return it with your signature and it means you agree with the terms so you won't tell the judge you signed under duress.

This agreement would save you from any embarrassment and quarrels to protect your name and your brand.

I am building my brand with my blood, sweat, and tears and I will protect it with my life, no agreement no visa period process, kindly go elsewhere and if after reading this and you still go ahead and do your job without an agreement then it is your fault.

Clients as well do not give an agent a job without an agreement.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

There is nothing like pan Africanism

Don't allow anyone to deceive you there is nothing like pan-Africanism because Africans are too tribal and they are not built to love each other.

The South African man hates the man from Zimbabwe.

The Ghanaian hates the man from Nigeria.

And so on.

A white man can travel around the whole of Africa without a visa but an African can't travel around Africa without a visa.

We hate each other so much and we use the nonsense pan-Africanism to deceive ourselves.

Africans are not free in Africa and in fact, an African can get real freedom in Europe, South America, or North America.

Just look at what is happening in South Africa, they are killing their fellow Africans, their excuse is drug and crime but guess what go to South African prisons you would discover that 90% of the people there would be South Africans themselves, so who's committing those crimes?

Like I said pay me $ 1 billion I can never live in South Africa, how do the foreign kids there survive? I can't put my kid through that trauma.

We have been whitewashed as Africans this is why the white man can freely enter Africa and test their virus.

I visited an African country and I was made to wait but the white men in front of me entered without any checks.

So until we have a real and true African union because the current one is dead then there is nothing like pan Africanism, it is dead.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Beautiful Brazilian women walking at a beach in Rio in 1978

 This picture is awesome and Brazilians don't joke with the beach just like you see today

photo credit: Marco Roldao

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

44 killed in Brazil as floods and landslides sweep through Rio de Janeiro

Desperate hunt for survivors after ten inches of rain fell in three hours

The Brazilian city of Petropolis was struck by a deluge and there are fears the number of dead could rise

The state fire department said the area saw just over 10 inches of rainfall within three hours on Tuesday

Videos showed cars and houses being dragged away by landslides and water swirling through Petropolis

Governor Claudio Castro said all the state government's heavy machinery was being used to find survivors 

At least 44 people have been killed in Brazil as devastating mudslides and floods swept through a mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro state, local authorities confirmed. 

The city of Petropolis was struck by a deluge on Tuesday, and Mayor Rubens Bomtempo said the number of dead could rise as rescuers picked through the wreckage.

A total of 21 people have been recovered alive as civilians joined the official recovery efforts early Wednesday. 

Among them were Priscila Neves and her siblings, who looked through the mud for any sign of their disappeared parents, but found only clothing. Neves said she had given up hope of finding her parents alive.

The state fire department said late Tuesday the area saw 25.8cm (just over 10in) of rainfall within three hours on Tuesday - almost as much as during the previous 30 days combined. 

Governor Claudio Castro said the situation was 'almost like war' and that all the state government's heavy machinery was being called in to help dig out the buried area in a desperate hunt for survivors.

He told journalists that soldiers were already working in the stricken region, which saw more than 900 deaths from heavy rainfall in January 2011.  

Video posted on social media showed cars and houses being dragged away by landslides, and water swirling through Petropolis and neighboring districts.

Rosilene Virgilio, 49, was in tears as she recalled the pleas for help from a woman she could not save.

'Yesterday there was a woman screaming, "Help! Get me out of here!" But we couldn't do anything; the water was gushing out, the mud was gushing out,' Virgilio told The Associated Press. 

credit: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

Sunday, February 13, 2022

In Brazil, We don't celebrate valentines day on Feb 14, Heres Why

In Brazil, things are done differently and they do things with real feelings attached, football, music, love/relationship, it is all the same for Brazilians and this is why valentines day is very different in Brazil. read more below

Brazilians celebrate Dia dos Namorados, which translates to Sweetheart’s Day or Lover’s Day in Portuguese. To say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Brazilian Portuguese, simply offer a warm “Feliz Dia dos Namorados.”

Brazilian Valentine’s Day does include romantic gifts, cards, and treats, but there are differences. For one thing, it falls on June 12th.

Wondering how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Brazil? 

St. Anthony’s Day Eve

Valentine’s Day in Brazil falls on June 12th for a reason. On June 13th, Brazilians celebrate Saint Anthony’s Day. This feast day is for St. Anthony of Padua, who hailed from Portugal in the 13th century and is best known as the patron saint of recovering lost items.

In Brazil, St. Anthony is also a marriage saint, known for blessing young couples and being a matchmaker of sorts.

Another reason that Dia dos Namorados isn’t celebrated on February 14th in Brazil? Well, the traditional date for celebrating Saint Valentine also commonly falls during Carnaval, one of the biggest events of the year in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and elsewhere in the country

Simpatias: Unique to Brazilian Valentine’s Day

Simpatias are all about seeking help from Saint Anthony.

On Dia dos Namorados, single women may seek the guidance of St. Anthony so that they can find a suitable husband. One such custom involves dipping an image of St. Anthony in water until the right partner walks into the woman’s life to propose.

Other examples of Brazilian simpatias include:

  • Placing a rose in a glass of water with a pinch of salt, and bathing in the water two days later.
  • Putting a love letter in a pot of basil, and then giving it to someone you like.

Treats for Dia dos Namorados

Valentine’s Day traditions usually involve sweets, and this is no different in Brazil.

Beijnhos mean “little kisses” in Portuguese. These coconut treats are “kissed” with clove.

The other love-themed sweet is a Bem Casado. These sandwich cookies are served at weddings and on Dia dos Namorados. After all, their name literally means “happily married.”

For more on traditional Brazilian dishes, snacks, and tasty treats, check out:

Valentine’s Day Greetings in Brazil

Besides “Feliz Dia dos Namorados,” try any of these loving phrases on June 12th. They’re also great for WhatsApp or long-distance chats if you find yourself far from your loved ones.

Eu te amo:I love you

Você é o amor da minha vida:You’re the love of my life

Você é a metade da minha laranja:You are my better half

Eu sou mais feliz com você, meu amor: I’m happier with you, my love

    Saturday, February 12, 2022

    Walking Around Ministry of Foreign Affairs Brasilia,Brazil

     Ministério das Relações Exteriores

    The Itamaraty Palace ( Palácio Itamaraty), also known as the Palace of the Arches (Palácio dos Arcos), is the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. It is located in the national capital of Brasília. The building was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated on April 21, 1970. It is located to the east of the National Congress building along the Ministries Esplanade, near the Praça dos Três Poderes (Three Powers Plaza). In Brazil, Itamaraty is generally used as a metonymy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The name stems from that of the palace in Rio de Janeiro which was the headquarters of the ministry before the Brazilian capital and government were moved to Brasília.

    Friday, February 11, 2022

    My Advice for youngsters After secondary school go and learn a skill

    My advice for youngsters out there is first you must understand the current situation of the country that you are in now so you must do all your best to remove some pressure from your parents, I feel they have done their best if they put you through primary and secondary school, the rest is up to you if you come from a rich family no problem but again even if you come from a rich family this advice is also for you because anything can happen tomorrow. 

    IMMEDIATELY you finish from secondary school go and learn something so that if you eventually get into the university or polytechnic you can make money with your handwork/skill. 

    I suggest you learn how to fix phones and laptops because this is what people use now

    So instead of sitting idle without doing anything, you know the adage already, idle mind? Learn something because it would help you in future 

    I never dreamt of having a skill before but now I have one even though I live in Brazil, I still had to adapt and I am getting some little change with that skill, so help yourself and learn something now

    Thursday, February 10, 2022

    In Brazil people ride bicycles at night

    In Brazil is it normal to see folks ride bicycles at night and in fact some people prefer to ride at night because we have bike lanes and it is easy to ride at night and everywhere is well lit, so don't be surprised when you see people riding at night it is normal 

    Tuesday, February 8, 2022

    Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha National Stadium Brasilia Brazil

    Arena BRB Mané Garrincha,formerly Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha, also known as Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Estádio Nacional de Brasília, Arena Mané Garrincha or simply Mané Garrincha, is a football stadium and multipurpose arena, located at the Brasília, in the Distrito Federal. The stadium is one of several structures that make up the Poliesportivo Ayrton Senna Complex, which also includes the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium and Nelson Piquet International Autodrome., among others. Opened in 1974, the stadium had a total capacity of 45,200 people. After the reconstruction of 2010 – 2013, the capacity was increased to 72,788 people, making it the second-largest stadium in Brazil after Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro and one of the largest in South America.

    It was re-inaugurated on May 18, 2013, following renovations completed in preparation for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2014 FIFA World Cup. The original architect was Ícaro de Castro Mello. The project was completed at a cost of US$900 million, against an original budget of US$300 million, making the stadium the third-most-expensive football stadium in the world after England's Wembley Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

    Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha is owned by the Department of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation of Distrito Federal. The name is a homage to the football legend Mané Garrincha, who won the 1958 and 1962 World Cup with Brazil 

    night walk around supreme federal court Brasilia Brazil

    I love this court and this is the only court that can tell any Brazilian president to sit down and he will, The president of brazil is not bigger than this court and the constitution of brazil read more below

    The Supreme Federal Court (Portuguese: Supremo Tribunal Federal, is the supreme court (court of last resort) of Brazil, serving primarily as the Constitutional Court of the country. It is the highest court of law in Brazil for constitutional issues and its rulings cannot be appealed. On questions involving exclusively non-constitutional issues, regarding federal laws, the highest court is, by rule, the Superior Court of Justice.

    Check out this beautiful yellow tree in brazil ipe amarelo

    The golden trumpet tree is a tree with yellow flowers native to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and the Cerrado (tropical savannas) of Brazil, where it is known as ipê-Amarelo-da-Serra.

    This plant is found in the Brazilian states of Distrito Federal, where it’s the states symbol, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Piauí, Amazonas, Pará and São Paulo.

    It is used as an urban tree. Well-known and popular, the tree and its flower are the national plants of Brazil.

     Ipe Amarelo Brasilia,Brazil 

    Saturday, February 5, 2022

    you can turn your talent into money abroad

    I was going to get something at the store and I saw this woman in the picture making this stuff herself and I was impressed and I asked her if I could take a photo and she said yes

    So when you travel If you have a talent don't keep it or don't let it die, you can make money with it

    This is why in some countries like the USA for example(NY) you see people that can play the guitar making money on the street and they make money daily and we have them in Brazil as well, I know of a man that plays saxophone, I think when I go to the city I would take a pic that would be for another topic

    So the point is that you can turn your talent into money abroad

    Friday, February 4, 2022

    This is what Brazilian local sponge looks like(Kankan Ibile)

    Every Nigerian knows the sponge because we use them a lot in Nigeria, you can use it to scrub your skin very well and traditionalists always use this sponge a lot as well, I was going to get something and I saw a shop selling it and it is the same thing that we have in Nigeria

    Thursday, February 3, 2022

    The same people that brought us Christianity also brought slave chains

    Like you all know I am an African first and a Christian but I have an open mind, I can walk into any church and pray and I am not brainwashed and I don't carry religion on my head and nobody can control my mind, I still hear sermons from my JW friends here in Brazil, wonderful and fantastic people

    I remember back then in Nigeria, some Catholic guys walked up to me to preach because I was standing near their church and they asked me the church that I attend and I told them and they wanted to walk away and I called them back and collected the rosary that they wanted to give me and I told them that we serve one God, they were shocked, so I am not falling for that division

    This is why I say I believe in the supreme being, any name you want to call the supreme being, lol

    It does not matter if you are Catholic or Mormon

    So my question is the white men that brought us religion why did they not read the bible??

    Why did they not behave like Jesus in the bible?

    They brought us Christianity which I am in support of because it really helped soften our minds, but pastors today turned it into a business empire, but the white men still use their other hand to loot us dry, kill us, and put us in chains and drag us to Europe, in fact, the white men committed a lot of atrocities in Nigeria

    We can forgive because Christianity talks about forgiveness and I love it but we can't forget because it is called history