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Monday, February 28, 2022

Russian Invasion:Western Sanctions On Russia A Message To China On Taiwan

We are all carried away by the Russian attack on Ukraine and we can feel the west response to this Russian aggression, they are all on the same page this time around

Germany is going to be spending more on their military and we have Putin to thank for that Germany really did it want to get involved in All this but Putin pushed them and in fact, Germany is sending arms to Ukraine

This coordinated sanctions on Russia is not about Russia now, this is a direct message to China

The message is clear if you invade Taiwan like Russia did to Ukraine, you would be severely punished and if we can punish almighty Russia just imagine what we can do to you united

This was why China never fully supported the Russians

China fears a united EU

China hates war because a Chinese man knows it is bad for business but even those that always say the Chinese love to take advantage of every situation yes but not at home

China has a lot to lose if they invade Taiwan, the west would be united and punish China and take production out of China, you think they can't? Well just look at Russia,I am sure putin is shocked,he just made the EU more stronger

I attended my first block carnival party in Brasilia, Brazil and I enjoyed it

Brazil is a wonderful country and I keep on loving this country more and more, the people have no worries all they want is to have fun and enjoy life, what's more to life

Because of the pandemic, this block party was not really large, but it was awesome 

This is the carnival week in Brazil and the holiday ends on Wednesday and it's gonna be partying and fun

In fact, I truly enjoyed it and at a point, I wanted to drop my camera and join the party, hahaha.it was fun and I love brazil

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Must Read: Why Travel Consultants Must Use A Visa Agreement

I have seen and settled many disagreements between clients and travel agents and trust me it is not nice at all, while trying to settle the issue you would be dragged into a Conflict that you know nothing about

There has been this distrust between agents and clients and both the client and the agent would take the blame for this one

Yes we have heartless agents and we also have heartless clients

I am a travel consultant with a heart and I do my best to be professional, I am not perfect

This is why I have other things that bring me income, I own a small scale business in Brazil, I am a writer, I have written 2 books, I get change from amazon, I have a blog, a youtube channel and I also sell pictures, I am also into Dropshipping and lastly an affiliate marketer so my own style of travel agency is not full time, my book would tell you how to apply for a Brazilian visa yourself

This is why I can confidently reject any job if the client does not meet the requirements

With all the disagreements that I have seen and settled for people I have come to the conclusion that using a visa agreement is very, very, very, and very important, do not miss it for anything in the world even if the person is your friend or family member, you have to be professional

I have decided that I won't do anything without an agreement and I suggest you do the same as an agent and this would save you some headache in future

I would give you the agreement, you read it for 2days and return it with your signature and it means you agree with the terms so you won't tell the judge you signed under duress

This agreement would save you from any embarrassment and quarrels so as to protect your name and your brand 

I am building my brand with my blood and tears and I will protect it with my life, no agreement no visa period, kindly go elsewhere and if after reading this you still go ahead and do your job without an agreement then it is your fault

Clients as well do not give an agent a job without an agreement

Germany announces 100billion euros for German armed forces

They would now spend more than 2% of GDP on defense, I told you all in my previous write up that Putin flopped on this one and he made countries in Europe stronger now

This shift in German foreign policy is a very important and unique one

Germany is now sending defensive weapons to Ukraine after refusing to do so, again Putin failed to and he overplayed his hand

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Russia Attack on Ukraine:Where would the next war break out from

When there is a major conflict going on, there are some countries that are already plotting to start another conflict because all the eyes of the world are on Ukraine 

I have seen this pattern over and over again, it even happen during the USA elections, so many countries would take advantage and attack or bully their so-called enemy, l know they are plotting so let's see where it would pop up from 

Russian Attack on Ukraine: I see an increase in Nato membership

First of all, I want to thank Putin for pushing other countries to join Nato and I see the Nato membership increasing

I thank Putin for threatening Finland

Thank you Putin for making a brain dead Nato come back to life

Thank you Putin for pushing more countries into the arms of Nato because no country in Europe would want to be another Ukraine

Like I said and I would still maintain, Putin failed on this invasion, I am not pro America,I am pro humanity

Ukraine: Can you fight for the country where you reside now

I saw this screenshot below and some people claim that Ukraine is not letting Nigerian students through I think to Poland and they want them To fight because Ukraine has already stopped their men of fighting age from leaving Ukraine

So my question for those living abroad is, can you fight for the country where you are residing now

My own answer is YES, I can fight and die for brazil without looking back at least I know my death won't be in vain and I died for a country that I love with all my heart

Friday, February 25, 2022

Ukraine: when a comedian becomes a wartime president

I must salute the Ukrainian people for their bravery and the love that they have for their country, they showed us that they are no pushovers, we know Ukraine is no match for Russia but blood would be spilled on both sides like we are seeing already

The Russian president says he is invading to cleanse Ukraine of nazis but the current president's grandfather lost his brothers in the holocaust to the nazis and the president of Ukraine is  a Jewish man, so Putin's excuse for invading Ukraine does not add up

The Ukrainian president truly did his best to rally his people and I call on the world would to act fast and stop Putin,like I said before Putin lost this one

Ukraine should have known better not to trust America

Throughout history, we all know America is not a dependable ally and they only care about their own interest and if you don't have oil they won't help you

I have seen this happen in Syria how America left the Kurds to fend for themselves after they helped America defeat isis, they allowed Turkey to invade and kill the Kurds

We saw this  recently in Afghanistan

Yes, I know nato can't put boots on the ground in Ukraine but how about mercenaries? This is what Russia would have done or what they did in Donbas before they officially entered  Ukraine Russian mercenaries were already in Donbas fighting Ukraine

Nato and America just talk, talk and talk, the people of Ukraine need action,i know the USA provided $200milion in military aid but all we are saying is do more

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Russian Attack On Ukraine:Germany freezes Nord Stream 2 gas project

Germany on Tuesday halted the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea gas pipeline project, designed to double the flow of Russian gas direct to Germany after Russia formally recognized two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.

Europe's most divisive energy project, worth $11 billion, was finished in September but has stood idle pending certification by Germany and the European Union.

The pipeline had been set to ease the pressure on European consumers facing record energy prices amid a wider post-pandemic cost of living crisis, and on governments that have already forked out billions to try to cushion the impact on consumers.

But on Tuesday the European benchmark gas price, currently the Dutch March contract, was up 9.8% at 78.95 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh) at 1607 GMT, much like the price for the fourth quarter, when Nord Stream 2 had been expected to start.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's former president and now deputy chairman of its Security Council, tried to rub salt in that wound.

"Welcome to the new world where Europeans will soon have to pay 2,000 euros per thousand cubic meters!" he tweeted - suggesting prices were set to double.

President Vladimir Putin did pledge, however, that Russia would not interrupt any of its existing gas supplies.

The Kremlin hoped the delay of Nord Stream 2 would be temporary, Interfax news agency reported, citing Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

Germany gets half its gas from Russia and had argued that Nord Stream 2 was primarily a commercial project to diversify energy supplies for Europe.

But despite the potential benefits, the pipeline had faced opposition within the European Union and from the United States on the grounds that it would increase Europe's energy dependence on Russia as well as denying transit fees to Ukraine, host to another Russian gas pipeline, and making it more vulnerable to a Russian invasion.

"This is a huge change for German foreign policy with massive implications for energy security and Berlin's broader position towards Moscow," said Marcel Dirsus, a non-resident fellow at Kiel University's Institute for Security Policy.


600k south africans in diaspora :Foreigners must leave South Africa, I fully support it

Is it not time for South Africans living in other parts of the world to go back home

With these renewed xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa and we see some south Africans telling other Africans to leave and my question is 

When would the South Africans living in other countries return home, I know we have south Africans living in Brazil 

Would they not return home so that all foreigners can then leave South Africa, it is unfair when you ask foreigners to leave your country while your own countrymen are chilling in other countries, what's the word again, oh yea "hypocrisy" 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Nigerian drug agency destroys cannabis worth billions Nigerians reacts angrily

I am so surprised that Nigerians have woken up and they know what is right now, they know the NDLEA messed up they  burnt legit millions of dollars, remember the white men that told you that it is illegal are already making billions of dollars for his county and this is why Nigerians are angry, just read the comments from angry Nigerians

There is nothing like pan Africanism

Don't allow anyone to deceive you there is nothing like pan Africanism because Africans are too tribal and they are not built to love each other

The South African man hates the man from Zimbabwe 

The Ghanaian hates the man from Nigeria

And so on

A white man can travel around the whole of Africa without a visa but an African can't travel around Africa without a visa.

We hate each other so much and we use the nonsense pan Africanism to deceive ourselves

Africans are not free in Africa and in fact an African can get real freedom in Europe, South America, or North America

Just look at what is happening in South Africa, they are killing their fellow Africans, their excuse is drug and crime but guess what go to South African prisons you would discover that 90% of the people there would be South Africans themselves, so who's committing those crimes?

Like I said pay me $1billion I can never live in South Africa, how do the foreign kids there survive? I can't put my kid through that trauma

We have been whitewashed as Africans this is why the white man can freely enter Africa and test their virus

I visited an African country and I was made to wait but the white men in front of me entered without any checks 

So until we have a real and true African union because the current one is dead then there is nothing like pan Africanism, it is dead

How do kids of African foreigners survive in South Africa

It's in the news already about the recent xenophobic attacks against Africans in South Africa and it is so painful I can't imagine living in South Africa, I never will.

Yes, I always ask myself how they survive in a hateful society like that and we adults can take it but what about the kids?

I always think about the children of foreigners. How do they cope in South Africa? I can't put my kid through that trauma.

Remember, many of those African foreigners that lose their businesses to xenophobic attacks also have kids, let that sink in.

My kid gets a lot of love from his school in Brazil, in fact, his teachers are my friends, now you understand why I love Brazil with my life so I always wonder how the children of foreigners cope in South Africa, share your experience.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Swiss Bank ignored money laundering laws and accepted Abacha's loot

I have been saying is that the white are more corrupt than we the blacks, these are the same people that would be talking to us about corruption, just check out the story

Buying Secrecy

If Credit Suisse was selling secrecy, there were plenty of buyers.

Khaled Nezzar
Khaled Nezzar [Credit: Billal Bensalem/Alamy ]

The leaked records analyzed by reporters show accounts held by several alleged human rights abusers, such as Algeria’s former defense minister Khaled Nezzar. As head of the armed forces, Mr Nezzar was considered Algeria’s de facto leader from 1991 to 1993, when the country was embroiled in a civil war marked by atrocities committed against civilians.

Despite well-publicized allegations against him, Mr Nezzar was a Credit Suisse client, holding two accounts worth at least 2 million Swiss francs ($1.6 million at the time). It remained open until 2013, two years after an investigation into his involvement in war crimes was opened in Switzerland.

His lawyers said he “strongly denies any wrongdoing. He did not commit nor did he order war crimes. He did not provide assistance to, nor did he knowingly allow the commission of war crimes.”

The two sons of an Azerbaijani strongman who rules an isolated region of the country with an iron fist also had Credit Suisse accounts. As their father’s regime imposed his brutal whims on the population of Nakhchivan — at one point even banning them from baking bread at home or hanging laundry on balconies— Rza and Seymur Talibov used their Swiss bank accounts to take in millions of dollars from shell companies associated with money laundering systems.

Credit Suisse also offered banking services to key figures implicated in corruption scandals in some of the poorest countries in the world. In Angola a disgraced banker, under investigation in Portugal after the bank he led collapsed with $5.7 billion in untraceable debt, held several  Credit Suisse accounts, some of which are being looked at by Portuguese prosecutors. In Kenya, Credit Suisse banked a key player in a huge corruption scandal even after authorities declared him wanted in a criminal probe. Millions of dollars appeared to be withdrawn from the account even as investigators in Switzerland and Kenya were trying to trace the stolen funds.

A number of Central Asian names also appear in the leaked data. Though they make up only a small fraction of the clients identified by reporters, billions of Swiss francs passed through their accounts. These people represent large swaths of the Central Asian elite, including oligarchs who made their wealth from natural resource extraction, ministers, and other top officials, some of whom have been convicted of massive corruption. Even the children of two former presidents, Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev and Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov, controlled Credit Suisse accounts — while the two men were still in power.

Another Credit Suisse client was former Venezuelan spy chief Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas. Mr Aguilera was close to former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013 after establishing a socialist regime that has become mired in corruption, with officials looting state funds and stashing the money overseas.

In 2001, Mr Aguilera was installed as head of the secret service, where he kept a low profile, avoiding interviews and photographs.

Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas
Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas. [Credit: OCCRP]

“They call him ‘The Invisible One,’ Carlos Aguilera, the head of the political police. Nobody sees him. I know where he is,” Chávez said in a 2002 national broadcast of his weekly TV show, “Hello President.” But Aguilera fell out of favor later that year after failing to prevent a coup attempt that almost toppled Chávez. He left his secret service post and entered the private sector full time, amassing wealth most Venezuelans could only imagine.


In 2007, Mr Aguilera became the major shareholder of Inversiones Dirca S.A., a Venezuelan firm that secured a $1.85 billion contract the following year to renovate a Caracas metro line. There was no public bidding process, and Aguilera took a 4.8 percent commission worth almost $90 million.

In 2011, two accounts were opened in Mr Aguilera’s name and credited with at least 7.8 million Swiss francs ($8.6 million). The Aguilera accounts were still open well into the last decade when the Suisse Secrets data was collected.

“By any definition, he’s high-risk,” said Mr Barrow, the financial crime expert, adding that banks are responsible for making sure the sources of funds from politically connected customers are legitimate.

Mr Aguilera did not respond to OCCRP’s emailed questions.


’How Many Rogue Bankers Do You Need to Have?’

Credit Suisse has repeatedly pledged to crack down on illicit funds, following a string of scandals beginning over two decades ago with the death of an infamous Nigerian dictator. After Sani Abacha died in 1998, it emerged that Credit Suisse had helped stash some of the billions of dollars his family had looted from his country.

In an effort to defuse the fallout from that revelation, the bank’s then-chairman said in 2000 that it had “continuously improved … control procedures and compliance with them.”

Later that year, Credit Suisse became a founding member of the Wolfsberg Group, an international banking association assembled to curb illicit financial flows.

“The bank will endeavor to accept only those clients whose source of wealth and funds can be reasonably established to be legitimate,” read a Wolfsberg Group mission statement in 2000.

Yet Credit Suisse’s promises to clean up did little to prevent its entanglement in criminal cases for many years to come.

From money laundering to tax evasion, Credit Suisse has repeatedly broken rules or fallen short on regulations during the past two decades.

“The bank likes to say it’s just rogue bankers,” said Jeffrey Neiman, the American lawyer. “But how many rogue bankers do you need to have before you start having a rogue bank?”

Neiman does not represent the source of the Suisse Secrets leak, but his clients include a whistleblower who told a U.S. court last year that Credit Suisse continued to help American citizens illegally hide hundreds of millions of dollars offshore. If true, this would be a violation of a 2014 pledge the bank made in order to settle criminal charges in the U.S.

The Department of Justice and the powerful Senate Finance Committee are currently investigating whether Credit Suisse continued to facilitate tax evasion after it settled and paid a record $1.3-billion fine in 2014.

Credit Suisse executives testify before the U.S. Senate in 2014. [Credit: Alamy ]
Credit Suisse executives testify before the U.S. Senate in 2014.
[Credit: Alamy ]

The bank’s chairman at the time, Urs Rohner, conceded mistakes in its handling of the tax evasion scandal but told a Swiss television station that he himself had “clean hands.”

Recalling this incident in a recent interview with OCCRP, Swiss member of parliament Gerhard Andrey said he was still incredulous that Credit Suisse executives never accepted personal responsibility for the scandal.

“He’s the head of the company,” Andrey said by phone as he paced the foyer of the Swiss parliament, where he represents the Green Party. “If you’re CEO or president, you can’t say, ‘It has nothing to do with me,’ because you’re responsible for defining the culture. Culture is defined top-down by senior staff, the board, and executives.”

Experts say that fines aren’t enough: Large and wealthy banks won’t change until they face more serious measures, like the suspension of licenses or prosecution of individual leaders.

Frank Vogl, a former World Bank official who is now an anti-kleptocracy campaigner, said bankers appear to treat even very large fines as “merely the costs of doing business.”

He said U.S. and European authorities had filed an “astounding” number of cases against Swiss and Switzerland-based banks — “yet not a single chairman of such banks has ever been personally prosecuted, or even lost his job because of those crimes.”
“CEOs have to go to jail for this to hit home,” said Henry of Tax Justice Network, noting that the $1.3 billion U.S. penalty paid by Credit Suisse was even tax-deductible

While critics accuse Credit Suisse of negligence, they reserve much of the blame for Switzerland’s government, which is responsible for a lax regulatory environment and laws that punish those who speak out against corruption.

Stefan Lenz, a Swiss former federal prosecutor who led major corruption cases, said there are very few investigations targeting Swiss banks or their management for accepting illicit money. “There seems to be a lack of both political will and law enforcement resources,” Lenz told OCCRP.

Mr Andrey, the Green Party parliamentarian, urged the government to take action for the sake of its citizens.

“I’m a proud Swiss,” he said. “It hurts me when banks spoil my country’s reputation with this behavior.”

“People are angry at the scandals that have already been exposed — and we don’t even know the unknown scandals.”


Friday, February 18, 2022

Beautiful Brazilian women walking at a beach in Rio in 1978

 This picture is awesome and Brazilians don't joke with the beach just like you see today

photo credit: Marco Roldao

I salute my parents and you can salute your parents as well

 A child that said his mother is not trying should be taken to Agege and see how hard it is

These were lyrics of a wonderful song by zinoleesky 

I was listening to this song by zinoleesky and the lyrics in the song hit me" a child that says his mother is not trying should be taken to agege so he can see how hard it is at agege "

As a Lagos boy, I can relate to that lyrics because I know agege very well and I know oju irin(railway line), go there and see how people are hustling then you would know it is not easy

If your parents manage to train you through primary and secondary school, my guy train your self in a university or poly, after secondary school, learn a skill and train yourself if you want to go further because your parents have done their best 

If you are from a rich family fine, your parents can even sponsor you abroad, if you are not from a rich family learn a skill now

Me, in particular, my parents did a lot for me and I salute them, mum and dad I throw way salute for una 

I salute all parents out there doing their best for their children, if you are not yet a parent you won't understand, I live in a country with free education and free health care, so my worries are reduced, what of those in my home country that have to worry about school fees and health care? private schools because they killed the government-owned schools

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

44 killed in Brazil as floods and landslides sweep through Rio de Janeiro

Desperate hunt for survivors after ten inches of rain fell in three hours

The Brazilian city of Petropolis was struck by a deluge and there are fears the number of dead could rise

The state fire department said the area saw just over 10 inches of rainfall within three hours on Tuesday

Videos showed cars and houses being dragged away by landslides and water swirling through Petropolis

Governor Claudio Castro said all the state government's heavy machinery was being used to find survivors 

At least 44 people have been killed in Brazil as devastating mudslides and floods swept through a mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro state, local authorities confirmed. 

The city of Petropolis was struck by a deluge on Tuesday, and Mayor Rubens Bomtempo said the number of dead could rise as rescuers picked through the wreckage.

A total of 21 people have been recovered alive as civilians joined the official recovery efforts early Wednesday. 

Among them were Priscila Neves and her siblings, who looked through the mud for any sign of their disappeared parents, but found only clothing. Neves said she had given up hope of finding her parents alive.

The state fire department said late Tuesday the area saw 25.8cm (just over 10in) of rainfall within three hours on Tuesday - almost as much as during the previous 30 days combined. 

Governor Claudio Castro said the situation was 'almost like war' and that all the state government's heavy machinery was being called in to help dig out the buried area in a desperate hunt for survivors.

He told journalists that soldiers were already working in the stricken region, which saw more than 900 deaths from heavy rainfall in January 2011.  

Video posted on social media showed cars and houses being dragged away by landslides, and water swirling through Petropolis and neighboring districts.

Rosilene Virgilio, 49, was in tears as she recalled the pleas for help from a woman she could not save.

'Yesterday there was a woman screaming, "Help! Get me out of here!" But we couldn't do anything; the water was gushing out, the mud was gushing out,' Virgilio told The Associated Press. 

credit: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

Fake News:NO Nigerian was caught in dubai dressed as women

As a Nigerian living abroad I took this personal, even with common sense you would see that those guys are not Nigerians, I knew it was a lie and that research spirit in me won't just let it slide and I had to do some digging and I discovered it happened in Algeria and they are not Nigerians, now bloggers spread the news again and stop destroying the name of Nigerians and remember to give credit because walkbrazil4k busted the lies

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How President Putin flopped on Ukraine

President Putin messed this one up, he allowed Ukraine to Re-stock, why the show of force if you won't invade, he just wasted millions of dollars for military Drills and got nothing.

I said it before he has a lot to lose if he invades Ukraine especially the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

You don't allow your enemy to get sophisticated weapons like the tank killer weapon that the USA supplied to  Ukraine( javelin) 

The USA also provided $200m to Ukraine for weapons and even Britain also gave Ukraine anti-tank weapons 

We know if Russia wants to invade they would bomb from the air and the tanks and soldiers would roll in but that javelin would disable the tanks and the men would die, Russians and Ukrainians would die

The javelin missile is a portable anti-tank missile with an automatic infrared guidance system

Let's hope Putin comes back to his senses but he lost this one, he made the USA and Nato closer to Ukraine now more than ever

Again Putin failed there are better ways to install a Pro-Russian president, he should have just asked the CIA for guidance, lol, we don't want war because innocent people would die.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

In Brazil, We don't celebrate valentines day on Feb 14, Heres Why

In Brazil, things are done differently and they do things with real feelings attached, football, music, love/relationship, it is all the same for Brazilians and this is why valentines day is very different in Brazil. read more below

Brazilians celebrate Dia dos Namorados, which translates to Sweetheart’s Day or Lover’s Day in Portuguese. To say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Brazilian Portuguese, simply offer a warm “Feliz Dia dos Namorados.”

Brazilian Valentine’s Day does include romantic gifts, cards, and treats, but there are differences. For one thing, it falls on June 12th.

Wondering how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Brazil? 

St. Anthony’s Day Eve

Valentine’s Day in Brazil falls on June 12th for a reason. On June 13th, Brazilians celebrate Saint Anthony’s Day. This feast day is for St. Anthony of Padua, who hailed from Portugal in the 13th century and is best known as the patron saint of recovering lost items.

In Brazil, St. Anthony is also a marriage saint, known for blessing young couples and being a matchmaker of sorts.

Another reason that Dia dos Namorados isn’t celebrated on February 14th in Brazil? Well, the traditional date for celebrating Saint Valentine also commonly falls during Carnaval, one of the biggest events of the year in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and elsewhere in the country

Simpatias: Unique to Brazilian Valentine’s Day

Simpatias are all about seeking help from Saint Anthony.

On Dia dos Namorados, single women may seek the guidance of St. Anthony so that they can find a suitable husband. One such custom involves dipping an image of St. Anthony in water until the right partner walks into the woman’s life to propose.

Other examples of Brazilian simpatias include:

  • Placing a rose in a glass of water with a pinch of salt, and bathing in the water two days later.
  • Putting a love letter in a pot of basil, and then giving it to someone you like.

Treats for Dia dos Namorados

Valentine’s Day traditions usually involve sweets, and this is no different in Brazil.

Beijnhos mean “little kisses” in Portuguese. These coconut treats are “kissed” with clove.

The other love-themed sweet is a Bem Casado. These sandwich cookies are served at weddings and on Dia dos Namorados. After all, their name literally means “happily married.”

For more on traditional Brazilian dishes, snacks, and tasty treats, check out:

Valentine’s Day Greetings in Brazil

Besides “Feliz Dia dos Namorados,” try any of these loving phrases on June 12th. They’re also great for WhatsApp or long-distance chats if you find yourself far from your loved ones.

Eu te amo:I love you

Você é o amor da minha vida:You’re the love of my life

Você é a metade da minha laranja:You are my better half

Eu sou mais feliz com você, meu amor: I’m happier with you, my love

    NNPC may spend 201billion to clean fuel: I fear who no fear Nigeria

    Imagine what 201billion can do in Nigeria? I have no more comments on this issue, you can add your comments below

    Hackers steal $40,000 from neymars account

    Brazilian police have arrested a man they believe hacked into Neymar’s bank accounts and repeatedly stole small sums of money totaling more than 40,000 dollars, officials in Sao Paulo said.

    Police said the alleged hacker worked at an unnamed bank where the Paris St-Germain (PSG) and Brazil player and his business manager father had accounts.

    The 20-year-old was arrested on Wednesday “for defrauding bank clients”, a police statement said.

    Although the police did not name the player in the statement, the officer in charge of the case said it was Neymar.

    He explained how the alleged theft occurred to Brazilian TV show Brasil Urgente.

    “What did this lad do?” said Fabio Pinheiro Lopes. “He got the password of his office colleague and stole small amounts of money from famous people with high net worth.”

    “These people didn’t notice. He made (a transfer) of 10,000 (reais) (1,912.59 dollars), then another of 10,000, then 20,000, and then 50,0000 and the total came to 200,000.”

    Lopes said the account affected was Neymar’s and that his father likely controlled the funds.

    “When they discovered they called the bank. The bank reimbursed the victim and investigated who was behind it,” he said.

    Neymar’s press office did not comment on the case when contacted by Reuters.

    copied punch newspaper