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Monday, December 27, 2021

If you want to travel always have a Plan B and C

When I tell people how much I love Brazil most don't believe and most times I get mocked and they would be like "what is In Brazil" we must understand that our dreams are different, you love America and I don't and you love Canada and I do, you love Switzerland and I don't, the point is we all can't live in the same place or love the same thing, you hate Russia and some do and you hate China and some love china.

We all have dream countries that we love but we must always have a plan b and C unless you would grow old and never travel. lol, remember some countries can springboard you to the country of your dream.

For me, it is about living in a society that works and a society where I won't feel like a stranger or a foreigner and this was why I choose Brazil(15m blacks, trust me I feel at home here) and I love South America because they have a thing for family(familia) and I hate following the crowd, lol so we have many reasons why we choose some certain countries.

I had a plan  B and C in case my dream country Brazil did not work out and it was Argentina and Ecuador, but God was kind and Brazil worked for me, truth is that I would have still migrated to Brazil even if I was already living In Argentina or Ecuador, my love for Brazil is out of this world, lol, I have already pledged my loyalty to the Brazilian flag, so remember always have a plan B and C.


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