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Saturday, August 20, 2022

The beauty of democracy in Brazil

The political atmosphere in Brazil is tense because the Brazilian presidential election is on October 2,2022, the battle is between the current president and the former president and I am not looking down on other political parties but this is just the reality in brazil, I don't take sides in Brazilian politics, all we want is someone that can give us cheap food, cheap gas, and cheap beer, yea right beer is life in brazil, don't touch our beer, lol, that's all we want, we don't have racial politics in Brazil.

The video below shows the president of Brazil trying to collect the cellphone of a YouTuber that called him a "vagabond" and "center prostitute", also at the end of the video you can see the president talking to the YouTuber as men and as a brother and that is love, the guy was not brutalized on camera, taken to prison, tortured, or maybe make his family disappear for insulting the president.

I applaud President Bolsonaro for obeying the Brazilian constitution, he did not abuse his powers, you can not try this in over 150 countries, we have 195 countries in the world today. 

I told you Brazil is a democratic country and Brazil is a free country, you can not try what this guy did in alot of countries you know them. 

I know politics and politicians, so I won't take sides, I just want cheap food and cheap gas, politicians are the same but the difference is that politicians in Brazil actually love their people and they work for Brazilians unlike what you have in Africa where the leaders are wicked even more than the devil himself, remember the palliative saga.

All I can say is that come October may the best man win, it feels so good to live in a democratic country. long live the Federal Republic of  Brazil.


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