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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

7 Nights In Salvador De Bahia The Africa Of Brazil

Salvador has the biggest African descendant populace out of Africa, and the African lifestyle such as food, music, religion, and the African way of living is well preserved.

You will visit the Afro-Brazilian Museum, the Society for Black Protection, and the Rosary of the Blacks.

You will also Explore Pelourinho, the Historic Center of Salvador de Bahia named a world cultural center by UNESCO. The area was instrumental in the African slave trade and continues to be a center of African culture in Brazil.You will walk through the streets and learn about the cultural and historical importance of the area.

You will also witness the legacy left by the African slaves in Brazil through immersion in a Candomblé ceremony.You would learn about the religion of Candomblé, which worships Orixas. You would learn about the history of this religion and its ties with slavery from a member of the community.In a ceremony, you would watch worshippers summon the gods to earth through their rituals, rhythms, songs, colors, and food.

Remember, the highest number of slaves were sent to Brazil, and they landed in Salvador. Every African must visit Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.


7 Nights Tour Includes:


Watch Candomblé ceremony.

Exploring the city.

Other Beautiful Sites In Salvador.

Airport Pick Up And Airport Drop Off.

3-Star Hotel.

Free Beer for 7 days.

Free Soda for 7 days.

Lunch And Breakfast.

Bonus: Free Sim card And Free Brazilian Guide(e-book)

Visa Assistance.

90% Visa Guarantee.

Slots Are Open.

30% Refund Of The Deposit Paid  If Visa Application Is Unsuccessful.


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