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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Brazil works Just Fine

You know I always see people talking bad about Brazil and I am always pissed because most of the people saying this are not even in Brazil and many of them just visited Brazil and maybe Rio, Brazil is not all about Rio and the favelas, the county is big and in fact the biggest in South America

You can't compare Brazil to any country in Africa, I would give you an example, you remember the ebeano supermarket that was burned down by a kid, how come the Nigerian fire service could not save the building? or at least even try

Now in Brazil, a friend of mine his son was playing and hit his head and this was around 1am, he should have called an ambulance but he forgot and quickly rushed to the nearest hospital at 1am and he was told they don't treat kids there and he went back home and called the ambulance and they came, gave first aid to the kid and then drove him in the ambulance to another hospital and here is the best part it was all free and remember this happened around 1am and they don't live in an area for rich people like how it is in Africa where it is the rich people that have access to this kind of treatment.

Another one happened, this time I made the video myself with my phone, it happened at the back of where I live and I don't live in a posh neighborhood, but it is a nice and lovely area, a guy had an accident and within 10min the ambulance arrived and before you know what was happening we started hearing the sound of a helicopter, lo and behold they landed at the back of my street, I was surprised and the guy that had this accident is not the son of the president or a politician, he was treated fairly and equally, the helicopter flew the guy to the hospital and I was wondering why the ambulance didn't just take him, I guess the guy was in a very bad shape and they wanted him To receive treatment fast, I attached the video below, So Brazil works just that the Brazilian bureaucracy is slow, but the country works just fine





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