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Sunday, August 22, 2021

How to detect an online shopping scam in Brazil

I talk about it, how I was scammed in Brazil and as I told you the online shops that most scammers use in Brazil are grade A, Top-Notch, you can never detect that it is a scam site trying to steal your money 

The first thing you should do is not to fall for cheap products, scammers in Brazil often use this trick to lure and scam people 

Buy from recognized online shops that are popular in brazil we have many of them 

Always ask for CNPJ as a business owner myself I sell online and my business is registered and I told you all  how to register your business in Brasil, so it is good to have a registered business and clients would trust you, so before you buy online always ask the seller for their CNPJ

Make sure the name on the Cnpj is the same as the name on the account that the seller is asking you to send money to 

We mostly use Ali express in brazil and it is very secure

Always ask for the  address of the shop, but a Cnpj would be enough because lots of online sellers don't have shops but some do, So these are how you can protect yourself against online shopping scams in Brazil 





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