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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Why are Mexicans so obsessed with America

I get it they share a border with one of the greatest countries on planet earth, Mexico is a great country better than many countries, forget the western media lies, they would never show you the great side of Mexico. 

The Mexican passport is ranked number 24 and they have visa-free Access/visa on arrival to 158 countries.

But This is something that I have always been thinking about, Mexicans can visit the UK and the EU without a visa, and in fact, they can stay for 6months, they can also visit  New Zealand and stay for 3months. 

The major countries that they need a visa for are Australia and the USA, I am wondering why they are so obsessed with the USA because to me it is an obsession.

Is it because of the culture they share? Remember some of the US cities today belong to the Mexicans, eg LA.

Is it because of the opportunities in America? or do they love the dollar so much, lol What do you think?


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