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Monday, December 12, 2022

Cost of Living In Brazil As A Single Man

The minimum wage is 1320Reais, and some people earn 1500Reais-2000Reais, companies even provide food and transportation if you stay along the bus route, Note people still earn more than 2000 Reais, and if you are a businessman, you can make more.

Rent:450/500 reais for a self-con in a nice area. If you want to share one room with someone, it all depends on you.

Light:40-70 reais.

Water:40-70 reais.

Wi-Fi Internet $70-100.

Health care: free.

Cooking Gas:110reais (the cost should go down by next year)

Groceries:300-400 in this economy, it could be low if you cook and store in your freezer.

This also depends on your lifestyle as a single man. If you share a house, your bills would be low.


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