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Saturday, January 1, 2022

This is the Best And Perfect Brazilian Travel Guide

As you all know guys I love  Brazil and this is my dream country and I fell in love with the country when I started doing my research many years ago and I did a lot of research about Brazil and failed to get the visa twice and I got it the third time😂, so now you understand how much I love this country.

I would also give kudos to Kevin of live in Brazil I learned a lot from the guy and when I arrived in Brazil I told myself that I have to do the same thing to help people and to talk about Brazil from the street level, I mean the real street level that you won't hear anyone talk about and most importantly I wanted to change the narrative about Brazil because of the negative images that we have seen about Brazil and I am glad that people are now seeing the wonderful and awesome side of this wonderful country call Brasil.

I also have a blog where you can learn a lot more about Brazil and If you really want to understand Brazil you can read my

I got the idea to write this book to make it very easy for anyone coming to Brazil to hit the ground running, I made it easier to read everything chapter by chapter instead of scanning through my blog because that would be time-consuming and there are many things that you learn from this book and they include

how to become a Brazilian citizen in 2-4years.

how to migrate from Brazil to the USA, EU, and New Zealand

how to give birth in Brazil.

how to apply for a Brazilian visa yourself without the help of an agent.

how to buy a property in Brazil.

how to get a loan in Brazil.

how to set up a business and also register it in Brazil and you would find a lot more in this book.

This book is written by an African living in Brazil and he talks about Brazil from the real street level and in the book I also showed the side of Brazil that the western media would never talk about, This book is filled with first-hand experience from the author.

If you are coming to Brazil this book is for you and if you are planning to come to Brazil this book is also for you and if you are trying to decide if Brazil is for you then this book is also for you and it would blow your mind because I have gotten positive reviews from a lot of people that have gotten this book and you can also leave your own review on Facebook after reading, it is a 21MB E-book with 187 pages, you can buy the book on Amazon for $50 or send me a message on WhatsApp +556192711460 and I would send it to you. Thank you for buying, God bless you and God bless Brazil.