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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Brazil is an open country

If you have lived in other countries where the locals generally do not mix with foreigners especially blacks then you would understand me better but in  Brazil it is different, the country is open and friendly and most of the friends I have in Brazil are from the area where I live.

As I have always told you Brazil is a fun and happy country and you don’t need to be a millionaire to be happy in Brazil, Beer is cheap In Brazil and you can always stay happy, you must always relax after working too hard, A very chilled Brahma would do the trick.

People are generally open and free in Brazil and don't be surprised to see people gisting at the bus stop like they know each other from Adam, but no they met at the bus stop and they started gisting. 
In Brazil you can be friends with someone at the bus stop, the people just live life with no worries, I was coming back from shooting one of my videos and with the security I saw, I knew president bolsonaro was in the building, in fact, I even walked past the SS agent of president bolsonaro, I attached the video I was able to capture when he was leaving. 


The woman I met at the bus stop was coming from the conference that president bolsonaro attended and I asked her to be sure and she said yes that it was him, I chatted with her for a bit with my A level portugu√™s, lol. so, that is Brazil the people are friendly yea that’s why I love Brazil.

We have many countries for example Japan and Germany where they always like to stay on their own, this is why I love Brazil because everyone is free with each other and nobody is suspicious of anyone.




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