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Saturday, October 16, 2021

You can make money by selling Akara In brazil

What many people abroad don't tell you is that you can make a lot of money selling on the street abroad and In many countries, you need to register your business or your goods would be seized, many foreigners sell on the street in Brazil, I have seen a man from Portugal disturbing flyers in Brazil, that is his job.

I told you guys that I am talking about brazil from the street level. In Brazil, you can make money that way as well, but you need money because you have to buy a car and then buy a food truck.

Your Nigerian certificate cant help you here unless you teach English or work directly from Nigeria. we don't speak English in brazil.

Brazilians already love Akara, they call it Acaraje in Brazil, then find a good spot park your truck and start selling, The man in the video is the king of fries in Rio.

Many of our people abroad do these kinds of jobs so I am not saying something new it is just that they would never tell you what they do abroad, some do but not all.

So all I am trying to say is you can make money abroad if you are willing to work.

I have a friend in America and he is an American citizen now and he's got an associate degree and he does security and he is proud of his job, in fact on this Facebook and WhatsApp he has pictures of him on his security uniform, many people cut flowers in the USA but they won't tell you. so this is just another way to make money in brazil. Remember I am talking about brazil from the street level


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