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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

From Brazil to America through the jungle of panama

Many of us left our country for Brazil for a better life and some for work and some are just here to visit, some for fun. but for those of us that are here to make our lives better we appreciate Brazil like I have said before Brazil is not America but Brazil has a lot of benefits that even the USA doesn’t have eg free health care, in the USA health care is not free but here it is free.

Some of the benefits include free education and the government supports kids with school materials and some you buy.

So most times I really don’t understand why people risk their lives from Brazil to the USA border through the jungle, if you are a Brazilian I understand, but If you are from Africa, Middle East, or the Caribbean, you don’t need it, you can actually build your life here in Brazil and you would be fine, there is human rights and the rule of law, what else are you looking for? , if your life is not at risk in Brazil I don't think you should then risk it by road.

if you want to move to the USA become a Brazilian and apply for a visa, and we enjoy a lot of freedom in Brazil, immigration doesn’t go around busting into people’s houses, so it is sad to see people risk their lives and the lives of their kids to get to the USA through the jungle-like you see in the video, build your life in Brazil if you want to leave Brazil USE a visa,I know of people that left Brazil with a visa, let me tell you the funniest part many of them get deported from the USA and then sent back to their home countries, but because they have the Brazilian resident permit they come back to Brazil so if you don’t like Brazil why did you come back?

You can only say you want to leave Brazil if there is no rule of law and human rights or your life is in danger, so for me, I just feel it is greed, just like the comment of a lady I saw on Facebook she is from Chile, she said migrants in Chile sell their business in Chile and travel to the USA by road only to get deported back to their home country and then they come back to Chile. let me add Chile is the most developed country in South America and Chileans can visit the USA Canada without a visa.

People must be made to understand that no country is easy and as a migrant, if you have human rights and the rule of law, free health, free education, freedom of speech, I suggest you stay there and build your life and travel with a visa if you want to leave Brazil, as long as your life is not in danger stay there.


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