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Monday, June 14, 2021

How To Buy A Car In Brazil

In Brazil because of how big the country is, it is not considered a luxury to own a car, It is a must although uber and the local version called 99, Bus, and train function very well.

In the state where I live Brasilia, it is so big and most times you can wait for a bus for almost 1 hour if you are going to the main city, I mostly take buses and 99

Bus strikes are common in Brazil and most times they shut down for a full day and people have to take uber or 99

So how much does it really cost to own a car in Brazil?

To me it is very confusing because Brazil is a powerhouse that makes jets, big planes, and luxurious buses like Marco polo and I wonder why Brazil doesn't have its own made-in-Brazil cars, maybe it is just politics because all major car brands have their companies here in Brazil and they produce their cars here and maybe that is the reason why cars are expensive in Brazil

We all know cars are cheap in the USA and in Brazil, they mostly do not allow the import of used cars, taxes for importing is very  high

Buying a good used car can cost around 15,000-25,000Reais and above depending on the brand and how clean the car is

Credit cards are widely used in Brazil and even street seller in Brazil accepts credit cards, you can buy a car with your credit card in Brazil if you have an excellent limit. 

The other one is financing going through your bank and you pay  3-5kreais in cash if the car is 20k and pay the rest in 3-5yrs remember banks always collect some interest.

Or if you have all the money to buy a car you can easily pay cash with your debit card and depending on the year of the car you are required to pay taxes to Detran every year[similar to FRSC in Nigeria]

Having a car in Brazil makes your life easy and have this in mind the price of gasoline might not be the same as in your home country





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