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Monday, June 14, 2021

How To Live Safely In Brazil

 How To Live Safely In Brazil

You know I mostly laugh when I read what people say about Brazil they mostly focus on the favela and rio and this is funny because Brazil is a very big country and it is impossible not to have crimes, the USA has a lot of crimes like Brazil but they sell their countries well and this is the problem of Brazil they don't sell Brazil well to the world. there are crimes everywhere in the world 

As I said Brazil is a Christian country and to stay out of trouble you can find a church to attend and make friends from your church.

Stay away from black spots and stay away from drug zones because you are bound to get into trouble.

Have no fear, because fear is the greatest problem of  a man and once you live your life in fear you can never achieve anything, I remember when I first got to Brazil I was told many scary stories but as a boy from Lagos, I was not scared, if you want my phone take it but I won't live my life in fear

It is good to always be conscious of your environment but do not live in fear, an armed robber always sense fear, but if you are confronted with a gun please give them your phone because your life is precious, I use my phone anywhere I go because I walk with confidence, as they say, if you can make it or survive Lagos you can survive anywhere in the world.


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