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Monday, June 14, 2021

Best Bank To Withdraw In Brazil As A Foreigner

Many foreigners come to Brazil Both as a tourist and those that want to live in Brazil and most people do not like to carry cash when traveling they prefer using their cards abroad so I would be telling you the best bank to withdraw from as foreigner based on my own experience and the banks that I tried.


Banco Itau. In Brazil, you can find all major banks around where you live, and where I live we have all major banks so I tried Itau bank to withdraw with my debit master card and it did not work. 


Banco do brazil: I went to Banco do Brazil and tried my master debit card and it bounced back and refused to work.


Banco Bradesco: in my opinion, this is far the best bank to me for foreigners in brazil because I tried my card and it worked without issues, once you slot in your card you would have 2 language options English and Spanish and you can then proceed to withdraw and the withdrawal limit is 1000 reais per day even if you have a higher limit on your card, but you can only withdraw 1000reais per day in Brazil and the amount charged by bank do Bradesco depends on the amount that you are withdrawing and so to me the winner is bank do Bradesco and this is just my own opinion.


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