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Monday, June 14, 2021

10 Things You Need To Know About Brazil

Brazil is the country where I got to know that the price of beer is cheaper than soda.LOL

Brazilian women are the most beautiful and the sexiest women in the world and in Brazil women have the freedom to wear whatever they want, in Brazil a lot of women wear skimpy dresses, in fact, what we describe as half-naked in Africa, don't come to Brazil if you are not a lover of freedom for women, because they are proud of their bodies and they wear whatever they like.

Brazilian loves their Havana slippers, a Brazilian can wear his Havana slippers almost anywhere,lol

Brazilians love tattoos, as a lover of tattoos myself, I find it amazing that Brazilian love tattoos both men and women, in fact, doctors, lawyers, senators, policemen, and you are not judged because you have tattoos and they do not see tattoos as a bad thing like you have in other countries, to Brazilians tattoos are just body art

Brazilians love to wear bump shorts even to work, No formal dressing except where you have uniforms and as I said bump shorts are normal in brazil

Brazilian women are the queens of bum shorts, they wear them so short and you see their butt cheeks out

Brazil is the only country where I see people drinking in a public bus oh, I love brazil, nobody disturbs you just do your thing and that is true freedom

Brazilian start  partying from Thursday to Sunday people mostly rest on Mondays

Brazil is a party country and if you don't love life don't come to Brazil, Brazilians love to party and I told you beer is very cheap in brazil

Brazilian are the nicest people on planet earth, for example, I was going to a sports shop and I could not locate the place, I stopped a Brazilian on a bike and showed him the address and he offered to take me close to the place, where ever you are God bless you,I was scared at first but I said to my self you only die once,lol





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