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Monday, June 14, 2021

Why I Love Living In Brazil

Brazil is a wonderful and beautiful country with wonderful and accommodating people but I must warn if you are coming to Brazil with the mindset of making millions of dollars then Brazil is not for you, but if you want to have a family and live a normal life then Brazil is for you, Brazil is a family-oriented country and they do not joke with kids.

The wages in Brazil are not like what you have in the USA and this is why you see people leaving Brazil through the jungle to get to the USA, I would never choose the USA over Brazil I have many reasons.

The first reason is as a black man it is easy for me to blend in Brazil and I don't have to feel like a foreigner because we have over 15 million black people in Brazil, I feel this calmness in brazil, only migrants in countries with less black people would understand what I mean..lol, if you have lived in countries with less black people you would understand me better.

Many don't know that Brazil has the highest number of black people outside Africa/Nigeria 86million people have African origins, and Brazil has more blacks than the USA

We have the rule of law, freedom of speech, free health care, free education, and human freedom eg you can drink your beer inside a bus in brazil

I can get a nice 2bed room apartment in a good area for $150-$400 and I doubt you can get the same in the USA(maybe a crime-infested area)

I would advise you and if you think Brazil is for you, come to Brazil with money and set up your own business and you would enjoy brazil but if you want to start looking for jobs you might get frustrated, the Bangladeshis, Chinese and Pakistanis don't look for jobs they set up their own little business.

English is not widely spoken in Brazil and Brazilians really don't care because most and many do not travel, so you can make money by teaching English online, brazil is a pro-western country and they love the west, remember we have almost all nationalities in brazil, but we have some that are not pro-west

It is very easy to set up a business in Brazil and I would be talking about it in my next write-up on how to set up a business in brazil

As I said above Brazil is a family-oriented country and having a Brazilian child opens the door to so many opportunities because Brazil loves children in Brazil, abortion is illegal so you can understand what I mean now, I would be talking about giving birth in Brazil in my next write up as well

Like I said if you want to make millions of dollars Brazil is not for you, if you want freedom and peace, and family, Brazil is for you