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Monday, June 14, 2021

IFA: Spiritual materials shops in Brazil

IFA: Spiritual materials shops in Brazil

You can import African spiritual things and sell them in Brazil because Brazilians believe in the same African religion that we believe in so, you can import your Ifa stuff, kola nuts, and lots of other things.

Brazil is the second-largest Christian country in the world but we have a huge number of black people in Brazil and especially in Bahia a state in Brazil and it was the first capital of Brazil and most of the slaves that came from Africa landed in that state and the African slaves brought their food, cultures, and traditions with them and this is why you find a large number of spiritual believers in Brazil. Yoruba is an official language in Salvador, brazil

We have the Ifa worshipers, Yemoja worshipers, and many other traditional religion's we have in African you can find them right here in Brazil and everyone is free to worship their god so don't be surprised to see a shop where spiritual things are sold or see someone giving you a flyer on the road about reading your palm, or seeing a  ritual[EBO] on the road like we see in Africa, it is all normal in Brazil and this is why I love brazil.





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