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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Benefits of Living In Brazil

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First, many people are ignorant about Brazil, I have written a lot about Brazil and I live in Brazil and I have never regretted my decision of choosing Brazil, I am always happy whenever I look at my Brazilian son.

I would tell you the benefits of living and moving to Brazil, as I have talked about the list of businesses that you can do as a foreigner in Brazil.

Brazil is a wonderful country with a wonderful, nice and accommodating population, trust me you can only find wonderful local people in a few countries and Brazil is number one.

Brazil is a regional superpower and the economic powerhouse of South America.

Become a citizen in 2-4years

Ease of Doing Business

Low Cost of living compared to some counties in South America

Human Rights

Love For Children

Freedom for Women

The second-largest Christian population in the world

Freedom of worship

The rule of law

Equality for all foreigners and citizens

Freedom of Speech


Friendly population 

Brazilian passport holders can visit 171 countries without a visa

Free education 

Free health care


  1. I have found your blog most helpful and entertaining.

    I will be resuming to school in Rio Grande de Sol,Brasil by April.... So i have been devouring the contents on your blogs...